Food for Love by Suzy Bowler

After a fair bit of research these seem to me to be the most convincing aphrodisiac foods and I offer them to you together with… 

~ some background on each one 
~ delicious ideas of what to do with them 
~ a little bit about their nutritional benefits 
~ a brief mention of other, seemingly lesser, aphrodisiacs 
~ one or two possibly suggestive food photos, some rude comments and, of course, double entendres. 

Reviews ...

“It's a first for me and a very welcome one at that. Written in a most wonderful way, it makes for laugh out loud moments, never have I had to tell my Lovely Hubby so often what I am laughing at when reading what he assumes is just another cook book on my Kindle.”

“Useful recipes 'Almond Butter' with honey ... yes please!! Interesting facts and loads more besides. Worth every penny of its minuscule price. A wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day or just for the one you love (that could of course also be yourself).”


“I bought this book because I loved the Leftovers Handbook by the same author. Like that book this is interesting, funny, informative and useful.”

“A truly yummy cook book with lots of yummy ideas - suitable even for hopeless cooks like me! LOL - Recommended.”

Eat Your Way to a Better Sex Life!

Just 99p!

Food for Love