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All 60 of these delicious soup recipes are based on one easy, flexible and key recipe. Also included are instructions for stock making, guidance on adding herbs, spices and other flavourings plus additional recipes for roasted garlic, pepper coulis, frazzled leeks, compound butters and other garnishes and accoutrements.


The idea is that by using the key recipe and the helpful suggestions in the book you will soon be serving your own spectacular creations.

Recipes include …

~   Mushroom, Garlic & Clotted Cream Soup

~   Caribbean Callaloo

~   (Famous) Peanutty Sweet Potato Soup

~   Caldo Verde

~   Thai Style Pumpkin Soup

~   Cullen Skink

~   Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Cheese Soup

~   Fennel & Leek Vichyssoise


        … and lots more but that’s just the start of it because
        who knows what you’ll come up with next! 

"What I particularly liked about this book, even without making any of the recipes, is its chatty, approachable style, and the lovely photographs, which really do make the soups look delicious. Loads of useful and practical hints and tips in here, not just about how to prepare the soups themselves, but about ways to garnish and finish them so that even a very simple dish becomes something a bit special and 'cheffy', without undue complication or hassle. As with many cookbooks I particularly enjoy using, this one encourages the cook to experiment a bit, rather than sticking rigidly to the recipe - and makes excellent suggestions about what kind of 'experimenting' might work well."


"You can rely on Suzy Bowler to come up with a brilliant no nonsense approach to becoming THE best 'souper' around. I love her books.!


"As good as all her books - simple, tasty and also fun to read."

Reviews ...

Make all these soups and  more ...

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