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truly useful cooking tips

A collection of useful ideas, methods, hints, tips and tricks I have learned or come to realise during my many years cooking, both professionally and at home, which may be of use to others. They are all ways of making cooking quicker and/or easier and/or more effective and/or more delicious, additionally they will probably help you save money and eat more healthily. 

This is an extended version of my original 219 Cooking Tips & Techniques, as I have been continually bothered by tips or hacks that should be included, it now runs to a little over 500 tips 

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Intro * General Tips * Meat and Poultry * Fish and Shellfish
Dairy * Eggs * Vegetables & Salads * Fruits, Nuts & Seeds
Herbs & Spices * Rice, Pasta & Grains * Frying * Baking & Similar
 Chocolate * Drinks * Special Occasions 

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“I've been cooking for more than half century and found this little book to be educational, entertaining, useful and practical. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned quite a few new tricks too! I'm glad to have it in my library.”

“Better than just a cooking book because it covers easy and proper ways to prepare and cook different types of food and avoid disasters.”

“Discovered some very useful tips from this book! This will become a great "go-to" reference tool!”

“It's such a readable book and the author is very amusing and lighthearted. There are lots of helpful tips and some useful reminders.”

“Useful book (e book) many things I didn't know! I keep looking in for answers to this and that and more than often or not they are there!”

“Great tips from a great cook and food writer. Her blog is well funny too”


“The booklet is a quick, easy read and the author writes in a light hearted, amusing and accessible style.”


“I have found this very useful, which surprised me since I've been cooking for over 30 years!”

“I have been told over the years that I cook well. I find that I do most things intuitively, ie, lowering the heat, covering the pan, the point at which I season, the combinations I use. I found myself saying ‘I do that’ all the while I read this book. What I found interesting were the explanations as why we do this or that. This is an excellent book for all cooks, novice or expert. A heartfelt thanks for sharing such valuable experience.”

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